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Argo is my boat, he is a Rannoch R15 Highteck carbon and Fibreglass full options build

Argo has now been sold to a Lithuanian called Aruimas who will row from Gibraltar to Florida in December 2022

This is my R15 off shore rowing boat, measuring only 7 metres in length, he was my home and body of support for the 70 days I was at sea.


I was the third crossing he had ever done and now holds 2 world records after rowing in 2017,2019 and now 2020. Maybe he will go again in 2023...?


Weight = 350kg (empty)

Draught = 1ft

Crew cabin = 1

Equipment cabin = 1

Storage cuddys = 6

Solar panels = 11


My sleeping cabin measures a volume of only 43 ft3 and the volume of a red telephone box is 104ft3!

- the only protection I get against the ocean and its 40ft waves.

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